Saturday, November 03, 2007

New release 1.0.6

A new SimpleDBM RSS release (1.0.6 BETA) is out. This release contains an important bug fix to the Buffer Manager. The release can be downloaded from

Along with this release, there is also updated documentation. The User Manual is for developers who wish to use the SimpleDBM RSS component within their own projects. The Developer's Guide is for hackers who want to understand how SimpleDBM works and help me enhance it.

I recently installed Solaris 10 Developer edition on my home server. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast Java is on this platform. I am using a Mac as well, but the Java support on Mac is disappointing. The JVM just hangs sometimes when I am running SimpleDBM tests. Not because of locking or any other issue - it literally hangs - and if I connect to it using JConsole, there is no response.

I am working on a new sample which will demonstrate a higher level API than currently available. I hope to get a working version out by the middle of the month.