Sunday, April 12, 2009

What next?

The SimpleDBM core database engine has been out for a while, and although I am still working on improving the robustness of the code, writing more test cases, etc., it is also time to start thinking about what next.

Couple of areas interest me.

A simple SQL layer so that it becomes easier to write code against the database. Unlike other projects, I am not interested in a full-blown SQL implementation, just enough to cut down the procedural code one must write. My current thoughts are towards a very basic set of SQL statements to manipulate data from just one table. No joins, etc.

A network server/client so that instead of embedding SimpleDBM inside the application it can be accessed remotely. Embedded implementations are hard to make use of in a multi-user environment. I am looking at projects like Netty and MINA as the underlying TCP/IP framework so that I can concentrate on the functional aspects rather than writing all the network stuff.